eCauda for brands

eCauda gives to brands the tool they need for gathering data about the life of an instrument once it is sold

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Reseller protection

Illegal resellers are easily identified as the system can send information about accounts holding or selling a number of instruments that share preset characteristics above an established threshold.

Help your resellers to fight dishonest competition.  Final customers will not have bad experiences with untrusted shops. 

Upselling opportunity

Brands can get information -both anonymized and named- that may be used for upselling both directly and through the chosen channel, send maintenance tips, marketing newsletters, calling instruments for revisions, etc.  The overall customer experience will be improved, and the brand reputation and engagement increased.

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eCauda • Image and Text

Get even more data and improve your metrics

Help your resellers and your distribution channel to get insights and to better manage stock::

  • Average days of inventory

  • Stock optimization

  • Sales prediction

  • Better lead times

  • Automated orders from stores

Quality assessment

Get information about what repairs any model receives.  When and where.  Analyze solutions that will help you to release even better instruments your clients will love!.

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... and much more!